Perch / Standing Stairlift Features

Perch Standing Stairlifts

If your staircase is narrow and you need a very slim stairlift or if you have a hard time bending your knees then we may have the answer for you.
Have you ever heard about perch stand stair lift?  It is the perfect solution for such situations.
The perch stand stair lifts are an amazing invention that was designed especially for people who have problems bending there knees, and has the added benefit of being very narrow.
We often get asked for stairlifts for narrow stairs and this is one way that can help.  Sometimes you can get a stairlift fitted to the stairs but the user can not fit on the stairlift as well, the users legs take extra room up on the stair when they are seated on the stairs.  This is where a perch standing stairlift helps users still


Stairlift Measurement Guide

Why You Need A Stairlift Measurement

Stairlift Surveys and Why You need One
In order to calculate a price for your home stair lift a technitian must come out and take a variety of measurements,  when these measurements are done a stairlift price can be calculated, your stairlift can then be prepped exactly for your staircase and installed with the minimum fuss.
Stairlift Measurement One – There will be a side of the staircase which the stairlift would sit best.  This is decided many times by practicality and the surveyors knowledge and the surveyor will suggest the left side or the right side of the staircase and tell you their reasoning.
Stairlift Measurement Two – There must be at least 30 inches clear at the bottom of the stairs. If there are any obstructions such as radiators or power points, or openings such as doorways, if so a tech, using their experience will inform you of what needs to be achieved to get the stairlift to fit.  Stairlifts can sometimes have an adaption added to make the stairlift fit more appropriately
Stairlift Measurement Three –  A measurement for the top of the staircase to the bottom of the stairs is determined to gain the overall length of the staircase, this will determine how long a rail you will need.  In some cases a staircase can be so long a jointed rail can be needed this needs to be determined by the surveyor.
Stairlift Measurement Four – The width of staircase needs to be measured as there is a minimum width needed to fit a stairlift onto.  If the staircase is narrow there are sometimes alternative stairlift products that maybe of help such as a sit stand stairlift as these take less width on the stairs.  A stairlift advisor would advise you of alternatives.
Stairlift Measurement Five – Count the actual number of steps where the stairlift will be fitted onto.
Stairlift Measurement Six – The measurement is to ensure there is adequate clearance from obstructions at both the top of the stairs such as radiators doors or a powerpoint
Stairlift Measurement Seven – Locate the most convenient outlet for the stairlift to be plugged into.
A stairlift tech’s job is complex as they have to have the skill and knowledge to the best stairlift to suit your needs.  If the job is untaken accurately the stairlift will fit onto the staircase exactly and will be installed within hours with no fuss at all.  So now when a surveyor visits you will know what to expect and i hope will have gained some specialist knowledge into the whole process.  Please don’t try to do this yourself as i can not express enough that measurements have to be exact and done with extreme precision.

There are Seven Important Measurements Needed to Fit a Stairlift.


Outdoor Stairlifts: Applications

Our Great Outdoor Stairlifts


With a summer upon us –  the last thing that anyone wants is to be housebound. Opening the windows may give a sense of fresh air but nothing beats sitting in a beautiful, sunny garden with a cold drink and a good book or some nice music.
However, many beautiful homes were not designed with the mobility impaired in mind. Those lovely, decorative steps which lead down to the back garden or up to the front door can be a form of torture for someone who is longingly looking out of the window but cannot face the agony of struggling up and down the stairs.
The Outdoor Stairlift does exactly what it says on the tin and can be fitted to solid concrete, solid wood or solid metal staircases. The rail is fitted to the actual stairs so there is no actual damage to the supporting wall. The Outdoor Stairlift has a handy fold away design, so will not block your staircase when you are not using it. It also comes with a great protective cover to ensure that it is safe from the elements.
Our Outdoor Stairlift is relatively customizable as you can choose which arm you would like the controls to be on and whether you would prefer a joystick or buttons to control the stairlift. If there are two or more people sharing the stairlift you can get a ‘call station’ installed so that if the chair is not where you need it to be you will not have to tackle the stairs to get to it.
Our Outdoor Stairlift
The Outdoor Stairlift is designed to be practical and secure. The seat and arms are comfortable and the swivel seat makes getting in and out of the chair as easy as possible. The foldaway elements and protective cover make the stairlift practical, plus the built-in recharging battery means that you will always be able to use the stairlift, even if there is a power cut.  That’s important.
There is also a built in seat belt for the user’s safety and a blockage detector to ensure that if there is an obstruction on the stairs the stairlift will stop automatically.

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Stairlift Feature: Power Swivel Seat

Power Swivel Seat

With a powered swivel seat option the seat swivel is operated by continuing to hold the toggle when you arrive at the top of the staircase. The seat will move automatically while the toggle is activated. Our powered swivels have a manual override for emergency release to improve stairway access if required.


Stairlift Feature: Child Seat Harness

Child Seat Harness

Special child seats and harnesses are available to adapt this stairlift further for children with specific needs.

They are very useful for children with MS, MD and cerebral palsy.  It is a perfect solution to ensure the safety of children you need the assistance of a stair lift.

The harness straps in over the child’s shoulders.

Call today to ask about pricing and availability.


Fall Prevention Articles and Links

Great Fall Prevention Articles and Links


We here at The Chicago Stairlift Company fee l these articles on Preventing Falls very informative and helpful:


Iphone Apps for the Disabled

Top 15 iPhone Apps for Disabled


Top 15 iphone Apps for the Disabled
by Springfield Special Education PTA

Although many iPhone developers spend their time working on apps that entertain and amuse, there are many apps that have a job to do. For the disabled, iPhone apps can be a way to connect with others and their world in a new way.

Check out these Top 15 iPhone Apps for the Disabled which have helped people from all walks of life overcome their daily limitations.

1. iComm – Free (iPhone)
This picture and voice communication aid was designed by a father for his disabled daughter. It’s ideal for toddlers who can’t yet speak and children with disabilities. The child can indicate what they need by looking at one of four panels, and then selecting which panel they’d like from the set. Each panel breaks down into more specific categories. For example, the child can indicate that he is hungry, and then that he wants a banana.

2. Parking Mobility – Free (iPhone)
Finding disabled parking places has never been easier! Parking Mobility can clue you into disabled parking places around you by using iPhone’s GPS capabilities. You can also leave notes for other travelers or residents about disabled parking spots that you’ve located that aren’t currently on the map. The more you use it and update it, the more it helps others. In addition, the app allows you to report disabled parking place violations in under two minutes so that those who abuse the spaces get what they deserve.

3. Sign Smith ASL Essential – $.99 (iPhone)
This is the mid-level version of this helpful ASL app (there are also a Lite and Ultimate versions). Along with the low price, the essential version has over 100 signs for ASL words that you can use to learn sign language. Each word is accompanied by an animated person showing how to complete the sign movement. The Lite version is free and includes 20 popular words, and the Ultimate version offers 1200 words for $4.99.

4. Learn Braille – $.99 (iPhone)
Learning Braille with a flat video screen may not seem like it makes much sense, but the creators of Learn Braille have made it easy to master it for people with sight. You don’t need to touch the letters to learn Braille, learn to read by sight with this app. No matter whether you want to learn it to aid blind people, or just have an interest in Braille, it is easy with this application (which includes Braille in six different language variations).

5. ISpectrum Color Blind Assistant – $2.99 (iPhone)
If you’re color blind, you’ll love this pocket color detector. The ISpectrum Color Blind Assistant app uses your iPhone’s camera settings in order to identify any color it’s looking at. It can identify over 500 individual color variations and notifies you of the color.

6. SoundAMP Lite – Free (iPhone, iTouch)
This app turns your iPhone into a listening device. It’s the most popular hearing on the App store, and was voted a top 5 medical app in 2010. Simply load the app and then use your ear buds to hear your friend, the lecture or your favorite television program. The app is discrete and has several options to help you adjust your listening preferences.

7. Allergy Runner – $3.99 (iPhone)
Turn your iPhone into a personal allergy tracking device with this app. By tracking your exposure to allergens, monitoring your allergy symptoms and recording new triggers, you can learn to manage your allergies more efficiently. Over time, organizing all of your allergy facts can help you avoid future suffering.

8. Food Additives 2 – $3.99 (iPhone)
Food additives can be very dangerous to those with celiac disease, allergies and genetic DNA mutations. Consuming certain additives can be very hazardous. So many foods these days have food additives it’s essential to know what is safe to eat. The database of 450+ food additives and foods that contain them is entirely self contained – which means no internet connection is needed to use it!

9. Alzheimer’s Cards – $1.99 (iPhone)
Alzheimer’s disease can rob a loved one of precious memories and prevent them from being able to communicate with the world around them. This app can help stimulate their memory and provides a pleasant opportunity to connect with caregivers and family. Alzheimer’s Cards are based on the acclaimed book series “Simple Pleasures for Special Seniors.” The photographs stimulate memory and conversation, and are a terrific deal. If you purchased these books separately it would cost over $90 for the three hard bound books. The app includes all of the images in the books “Fruits”, “Fun Foods” and “Hand Tools.”

10. Proloquo2Go – $189.99 (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
Although it may seem a lot more expensive than the standard app, Proloquo2Go can be a vital application for those who have difficulty speaking. Children, adults and seniors can use this app to turn their written words into speech. It’s ideal for those with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, developmental disabilities, Apraxia, stroke or other disabilities that prevent speech. Compared to AAC devices that cost thousands of dollars, this app is a great solution that has comparable quality.

11. Diabetes Buddy Lite – Free (iPhone)
Diabetes Buddy Lite makes diabetes management simple to handle. It includes areas to track your daily carb intake, glucose, water intake and weight – all organized chronologically. You can log and monitor your glucose levels, your insulin injections and information about your activity level. The in depth tracking abilities and 200,000+ food database make it a useful app for those who are suffering with diabetes.

12. Voice Phone – $.99 (iPhone)
Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel can make it hard to dial the numbers on an iPhone. Voice Phone was designed to help people dial a number while driving (if local law permits) but it’s also a good alternative for folks who may have trouble dialing due to disabilities. Whether the numbers are too small to see or too small to touch for you, Voice Phone can help. By downloading, you agree to observe your local laws with regard to voice dialing while driving, if you plan to use the device in its original form.

13. iPills – Free (iPad)
Keeping track of medications is hard, especially if you or a loved one has an impaired memory or other disability. iPills is an app that will help make sense out of medication. By setting up reminder times for your medication, you’ll see exactly what you need to take and when. You can easily see what pills you need to take for the rest of the day.

14. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Reference – $.99 (iPhone)
When the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990 it gave all Americans the same rights, regardless of disabilities. The law, although helpful, is complex. If you’re frequently in positions where you need to cite the law or want to have a handy way to reference it, this app will help. It’s formatted into sections, just like the real bill, and includes several FAQs.

15. My Emergency Info – $.99 (iPhone)
This app is essential for anyone who cares for disabled people, children or elders. It’s also useful for individuals and families. My Emergency Info helps you gather important information that is necessary in an emergency situation. The name of your doctor, medications you are taking, medical conditions, allergies and insurance information can all be accessed with the tap of a finger. You can also use the app to find hospitals nearby that can help you with your emergency situation.